25 Best Makeup Brands in India (2023)

Are you looking for the best makeup brands in India? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Who doesn’t like to silently take their mother’s or sister’s kajal and use it? Well, now is the time to have your own makeup kits and makeup products so that you don’t have to find those hidden makeup products of your sister.

I have arranged the best makeup brands in India according to their types and uses. So, let’s dive in and have a look at all the amazing cosmetic brands in India.

best makeup brands in india
Best Makeup Brands in India

Best Makeup Brands in India

There are several Best Makeup Brands in India that you might not even know are of Indian origin.

Some of these best makeup brands in India are present in the market for a very long time. Even your mom might be using these best beauty brands in India.

best makeup brands in India
Best Makeup Brands in India

Let us now see what are those Best Makeup Brands in India categorized according to their type.

Vegan Makeup Brands in India

Vegan Makeup Brands in India don’t have any animal-derived ingredients, animal ingredients nor perform any animal testing for their cosmetics which makes them Vegan.

How good would be the feeling of wearing makeup that doesn’t contain any traces or ingredients from animals? You’ll feel so good and get some nature-friendly vibes.

There are many Vegan beauty brands for women in India that are cruelty-free and vegan, which means they don’t test their products on animals and don’t have animal derived ingredients.

If you’re interested, please watch this video where women try vegan makeup.

Below is a tiny list of 100% vegan makeup brands in India.


First on the list is Plum, a vegan cosmetic brand in India that was founded by Shankar Prasad in the year 2014 that has a variety of makeup products.

Plum provides 100% vegan beauty products that are cruelty-free. Not only are they cruelty free, but their vegan cosmetic products are phthalates, and paraben free too. Your skin would be like gimme one of those, right now!

Kiro Beauty

Kiro Beauty was founded by Vasundhara Patni aiming to make a change in the traditional beauty standards.

Not only are Kiro Beauty’s products Vegan and cruelty-free along with clean ingredients, but they also don’t compromise on making you look stunning.

Kiro beauty is a clean beauty makeup brand in India that is providing vegan makeup products with amazing botanical ingredients which you should definitely try.


Iba is a vegan makeup brand in India founded by two sisters Grishma Teli and Mauli Teli in the year 2014 after quitting their good-paying US jobs.

The Sister duo made halal cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free too. They are even Halal certified Make up brand in India.

If you want to try out lip balm halal or lipstick halal then Iba cosmetics is your savior. You get amazing halal makeup products that you can try out guilt-free.

Cruelty-free Makeup Brands in India

Before we move on with the topic of cruelty-free makeup brands in India, just tell me something! Do you love pets? Or have you seen how pure the love of animals is when you take care of them? Trust me, the last thing you would want to do is to buy products from a brand that is not cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free makeup brands do not test their products on animals. Hence, you should look out to buy cruelty-free makeup brands for women in India.

When you buy animal cruelty-free best makeup brands in India you not only get makeup products with almost no harmful chemicals but you also protect mother nature’s precious animals.

Let us now see some of the cruelty-free makeup brands in India.

Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise cosmetics was founded by 3 scientists in 2018 and it is yet another brand that hails from India.

You may ask on whom does Disguise test their products on if not on animals? Well, they test their products on themselves! This shows how confident they are in the ingredients that are being used in their products.

Disguise Cosmetic products are specially made keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions and skin types whether it may be oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella is yet another cruelty-free brand that was founded by Sally Malanga. Sally Malanga is not only the founder of this brand but is also an animal rights activist. This shows why she chose to launch a makeup brand that is animal cruelty-free.

Not only does Ecco Bella provide their consumers the good feeling of using cruelty-free products but their product range is such that they have anti-aging properties too.


Founded in 2015 by Priyanka Gill and Darpan Sanghvi, MyGlamm is one of the best makeup brands in India that provides their consumers Cruelty-Free cosmetic products.

The unique thing about MyGlamm is that they sell their products to people directly through their website. They do not solely rely on any online platforms such as Nykaa, Amazon, or Flipkart.

Customer-centric brand Amazon has a good share of investment in this brand which means MyGlamm is doing something really good in business and of course, it is also doing good to nature by offering cruelty-free products.

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Organic Makeup Brands in India

Going Organic is the new trend now as people are leaning more towards organic makeup brands in India. If you want your makeup products to be clean and paraben free then you have to choose certified organic makeup brands.

Not only are they paraben free but they are also chemical free and sulphate free. Since they don’t have these chemicals in them, they are called organic.

Let’s dive in and know about a few of these amazing Organic Makeup Brands in India that are clean.

Just Herbs

The first on the list is Just Herbs which is an Indian beauty brand that was started in the year 2013.

On their website, they mention that they stand for three basic things which are lacking in the industry they are in. Those three things are Safety, Honesty, and Effectiveness.

They even ask consumers to choose any one of the products from their wide variety of innovative products and they would find out that the product would be free from sulfates, parabens, and other dangerous chemicals.

As this brand is so transparent about its ingredients and effectiveness, you have to give their organic range of products a try for sure.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is one of the reputable brands in India that has a wide range of quality products. Founded by Mr. H.J. Kamal Passi in 1993, Lotus Herbals is a proud made-in-India brand.

As this company has Lotus in their brand’s name which is a flower that grows in a pond and stands out even if its surroundings are muddy, just like that, Lotus Herbals likes to stand out apart from their competitors in this vast market of beauty brands.


Aegte was founded by Rupali Sharma along with her husband Dhiren Sharma in the year 2018.

Who wouldn’t trust a brand that has authentic in their name itself? Aegte actually means authentic in danish.

Have you ever tried Dadi Maa Ke Nushke? Well, Rupali had tried a herbal recipe given by her grandmother to fight hair fall and it worked wonders for her. That was the moment when Rupali thought of creating Aegte.

Bella Vita Organic

Bella Vita Organic was founded in the year 2012. Do you know what Bella Vita actually means? It means Good Life.

Bella Vita provides natural and chemical-free products that are pure in their form and are unadulterated.

If you want Indian women to be empowered, then this brand is a go-to for you as every product label is pasted by women at Bella Vita.

Natural Makeup Brands in India

Before we move any further on Natural makeup brands in India, tell me something! Have you ever applied any balm or ointment that has eucalyptus oil in it for curing your headache? Or any natural product that has powerful ingredients directly sourced from mother nature? If yes, then you must be knowing the type of benefits these potent natural ingredients have.

Similarly, Natural Best Makeup Brands in India use organic and chemical-free ingredients which make their products perfect for you, yet powerful.

If you want to find out which are some of the best natural makeup brands in India then you must read the list given below.

Khadi Naturals

First on the list is Khadi Naturals which gets support from Khadi and Village Industries commission which is a body under the Indian Government.

You must have seen the picture below. This picture shows Mahatma Gandhi making khadi.

mahatma gandhi making khadi

The word Khadi from Khadi Naturals is taken from the Swadeshi movement that Gandhiji led, to promote manufacturing products in India itself rather than importing them from Britain.

So when you buy a product from Khadi naturals you get that swadeshi feeling of make in India as it holds a story of the past to it.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is another natural brand in India that provides consumers with cosmetics that have natural ingredients in them.

Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, good vibes has all the skin care products that suits you.

Not only do you get Good Vibes while using these products, but you also save Good Bucks as their products are affordable too.


What happens when Biotechnology meets Ayurveda? Biotique happens. Founder Vinita Jain collaborated with a Swiss company to create this science and ayurvedic combination in cosmetics.

Not only does Biotique fall under one of the popular makeup brands in India but it is also on the list of popular foreign brands in Europe for its natural makeup products.

Before any of the product releases in the market, a team of volunteers try out these products on them. Apparently, founder Vinita Jain is also a proud volunteer in her own company.

Daughter Earth

You might have heard the word Mother Earth, but you may ask what’s Daughter Earth? Well, It is a natural cosmetic brand that funded a girl child’s education even before they made any sale.

Daughter Earth is not only natural but is also very ethical and kind. Their product ingredients are sourced from wild harvesting, which means that they directly get it from places like the Himalayas and remote parts of the country where it grows naturally.

By purchasing these products you not only enjoy the benefits of natural makeup products but you also help unknowingly in several good initiatives that this brand has taken up. Next time your Mother gives money to buy makeup, make sure you spend some on products from Daughter Earth.

Expensive Makeup Brands in India

Do you want to flaunt your money by wearing the most expensive makeup brands in India? Or do you want to feel special, maybe?

Whatever it is that makes you want them, you must take a look at some of these Expensive Makeup Brands in India mentioned below that have a wide range of innovative products.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is first on our list of expensive cosmetic brands in India because the average cost of Bobbi Brown’s Lip products such as Bobbi Brown Lipstick range costs approximately 2,500 INR.

The founder of Bobbi Brown makeup is Bobbi Brown herself. She is an American professional makeup artist. She started this brand because she wanted the makeup to be looking natural when people wear it. Bobby Brown is one of the brands that have the best makeup products in India in the expensive makeup segment.

Some of their products are Vitamin Enriched Face Base Cream, Lip products like Lip Balm, Lip color, and Long-wear gel eyeliner. Quick Info: Do you know about kajal that can double-up as an eye liner? But they do have their differences. Read this article to find out difference between kajal and eyeliner.


It is tricky to pronounce Guerlain. Actually, it sounds like gehr.lan according to google when you search for how to pronounce Guerlain.

Guerlain is a French brand that was founded by Pierre François Pascal Guerlain in 1828.

Guerlain’s lipsticks have an average price of 3000 INR. Also, It also has a perfume called Shalimar which sells for more than 10,000 INR.


Lorac cosmetics was founded in 1995 by a woman named Carol Shaw. It is manufactured in China and the brand is based in LA.

You must try out its PRO liquid eyeliner which lasts pretty long, almost all day. But, you will also have to spend long hours at work to make money to buy it as it costs approx 6000 INR.


Smashbox was founded by the two amazing brothers named Davis Factor and Dean Factor. In fact, they are also the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor.

Smashbox was founded in the year 1996 just after the year Lorac was founded. It is headquartered in California.

You should try its lipstick which is not as costly as Guerlain’s.

Cheap Makeup Brands in India

Are you a student or you don’t want to spend much of your budget on makeup brands alone? Then your choice is right about choosing cheap makeup brands in India.

There are several affordable cosmetic brands in India that have a good range of makeup products as well as are priced on the lower side.

Let us now see some of the Cheap Makeup Brands in India below.


Colorbar is a good affordable makeup brand in India founded by Mr. Samir Modi in the year 2004.

Colorbar is from India which means that there wouldn’t be any import taxes so that helps this brand to be one of the cheapest best makeup brands in India.

The brand ambassador of Colorbar is none other than our very own Indian movie actress Jacqueline Fernandez.

Their Matt lipstick is amazing and it is loved by many for its high quality yet affordable price range.


Maybelline new york! You might have heard it in TV commercials. Maybelline was founded in the year 1914 and it is an American brand.

Make it happen is the phrase that is associated with the brand Maybelline.

Sara Ali Khan is the current brand ambassador for Maybelline India.

Maybelline products like the New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a smudge proof and long lasting lipstick that can be used for any special occasion. Although, it takes up to 3 minutes of time to properly settle on your lips but once dried then it stays on.

Elle 18

Elle 18 is an Indian brand that has a variety of products which was founded in the year 1998 and is a cosmetic company owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Do you know who is the brand ambassador for Elle 18? It is none other than Bollywood Indian actress Anushka Sharma.

You must try out the lovely lipsticks shades that Elle 18 has to offer as they are quite affordable.

Miss Claire

Miss Claire is a cosmetic brand that is affordable yet classic. Its Soft Matte Lip Cream is a must-try as its texture is smooth and creamy.

You don’t want to miss out on Miss Claire’s versatile range of products as they are one of the cheap and affordable best makeup brands in India for cosmetics.

Luxury Cosmetic Brands in India

What’s the difference between a regular car and Rolls Royce’s car? The answer is Luxury. Just like that, even in cosmetics, you could get the Rolls Royces’ feel if you use Luxury Cosmetics Brands in India.

There are several best makeup brands in India that provides luxury lipsticks and luxurious beauty products.

You may ask why should I spend some extra bucks on these best makeup brands? Well, if you want to feel luxurious or want to be unique or tell your friends about that luxurious lipstick you’ve put on and talk to them about all the premium lipstick brands you know of. Whatever it may be, you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t you?

So, here are some of the Luxury Cosmetic Brands in India.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the top popular brands that have an extensive collection of cosmetic products. Not only is the brand’s name Estee but it is also the name of the founder Estee Lauder who founded this brand along with Joseph Lauder.

Founded in 1946 in New York, this brand has never taken a look back since then and became a multinational manufacturer and marketer.

Estee had made sure to only use the highest quality ingredients in all her luxury cosmetic products so that you could be benefited from them. Just like I put in some great information for you about the best makeup brands in India in this article.

Overall, if you need to get yourself some premium and luxurious range of skincare, perfume, and beauty products you ought to try Estee Lauder.

Charlotte Tilbury

Headquartered in London, Charlotte Tilbury is another luxury best makeup brand in India that was founded in the year 2013 by Charlotte Tilbury herself.

You may find this brand’s products expensive. But, in the end, it was you who wanted to look into some of the luxurious best makeup brands in India which ofcourse won’t come at a pocket friendly price.

Some of the popular products from Charlotte Tilbury are Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, and Charlotte Tilbury magic cream.

MAC Cosmetics

Last, but not the least brand in the Luxury cosmetic brand in India is none other than MAC Cosmetics which was founded in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo and is well known for its innovative beauty products.

Matte lipstick from MAC Cosmetics is a must-have makeup product, you’ll absolutely love them. MAC produces some of the finest lipstick products which are classics. Their red is on point which makes MAC Cosmetics another luxury cosmetic brand in India.


There are plenty of best makeup brands in India that have their own unique selling point. Some are cruelty-free and vegan while some have organic or natural ingredients in them and some are budget-friendly or not so budget-friendly.

Whatever may be their types, all these best makeup brands in india have one thing common in them, which is revolutionizing the cosmetic products market and giving consumers their best for their everyday makeup needs.

Now that you have sound knowledge of the various best makeup brands in India, go on and get yourself a fine cosmetic product from one of these makeup brands.


Which company makeup kit is best

You must choose vegan makeup companies like Iba, Kiro Beauty, and Plum which your skin would like.

is Nykaa an Indian brand

Yes, Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce brand. Nykaa is one of the best makeup brands in India.

What is the richest makeup brand

L’Oréal Paris is the richest makeup brand that has a brand value worth approx 10.22 billion U.S. dollars.

What is high end makeup

High end makeup is a bit expensive and their packaging and ingredients are of high quality.

Which cosmetics are made in India

Indian made cosmetics include Khadi Naturals, Biotique, Disguise Cosmetics, Just Herbs, and Elle 18 are some of the best makeup brands in India.

What is the safest makeup to use

Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Organic or Natural makeup is safe to use on your skin from any of the Best Makeup Brands in India.

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