Know the Difference Between Kajal and Eyeliner: Find Out Now!

Are you looking for the difference between kajal and eyeliner? Who wouldn’t want to explore cosmetics, right? Well, kajal and eyeliner are both used for the aesthetics of the eye. That being said, you might ask what’s the difference then? Find it out by reading this article, there’s a lot you should be knowing about the difference between kajal and eyeliner.

Kajal was first known to be used around 3100 B.C. Kajal has an arabic origin. It was used in egypt to cure any eye ailment and also for the eye adornment.

Meaning of Kajal

Before knowing more about the difference between kajal and eyeliner let us know the meaning of kajal. The meaning of kajal in English is Kohl. Yes, you’ve read that right! Kajal is called “Kohl” in English. Interestingly, Kajal is also a very popular Indian name.

difference between kajal and eyeliner
difference between kajal and eyeliner

What is Kajal

Kajal is a cosmetic which is used for the aesthetics of the eye. It is prepared using natural ingredients mostly and is safe to be used in the waterline region of the eye. Kajal is an eye makeup product that can be used on both lower and upper eyelids. It is considered safe to use because of its unharmful ingredients hence there is a difference between kajal and eyeliner. If you bought a kajal from store then you must check the ingredients to make sure it is safe else you may end up getting side effects in the long term.

Kajal gives a smokey eye effect when you smudge it after applying. To know how to get that effect, you can have a look at this video. It also shows you how to apply kajal.

How Kajal Is Made

Kajal is made using several types of ingredients. These ingredients differ by the process of making. Some people make Kajal at home using ghee and some make it using castor oil and sandalwood powder. It is generally made by lighting a lamp using castor oil or ghee and placing it underneath a steel plate. The soot which is left below the steel plate is then taken and mixed with ghee or castor oil and is used accordingly.

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Is Kajal Good for Eyes

Generally speaking, Kajal is good for your eyes. Actually, it depends on how it is prepared. If you get a store bought kajal then it may not be good for your eyes as it could have chemicals in it.

On the other hand, if you have prepared it at home or bought a chemical free kajal from store by reading its ingredients then you’re good to go!

If you want to make kajal at home then read this amazing article on How to make kajal at home using 4 easy steps shared by Yami Gautam

Uses of Kajal

Since ancient times kajal has been used in Indian households for various purposes. Some of the uses of kajal are

  • Beauty and aesthetics of the eye
  • To ward off an evil eye for newborn baby ( or as some people in hindi say “buri nazar se bachne ke liye” )
  • Medicinal benefits such as cooling of the eye and protecting eyes from infections along with few other benefits.

Types of Kajal

Since we’ve covered how kajal is made and found out about the uses of kajal, let’s also take a glance at types of kajal.

Natural or Organic Kajal

As the name itself says Natural or organic, it basically means that this type of kajal is made using natural and organic ingredients to safeguard the eye from harmful side effects.

This type of kajal is made using safe ingredients which makes it to be used inside the eye in the waterline area.

You must always opt for this type of kajal if you’re applying it inside the eyelid or else you may damage your eyes in the long run if you opt for chemical alternatives.

Chemically Loaded Kajal

What I mean by chemically loaded kajal is when the kajal is prepared using harmful toxic chemicals which could be seen by taking a glance at its ingredients.

If you are planning to use kajal for its beneficial or natural purposes then this type of kajal may not be the best bet for you.

You can opt for Naturally made kajal instead of the chemically loaded ones to protect your eye.

Kajal is widely available in the market as kajal pencil and in tiny containers. Also, there are various pencil form of kajal which are waterproof and smudgeproof. You can also get herbal kajal and kajal for small kids variants.

Harmful Effects of Kajal

You could get Anemia by using kajal. Yes, you’ve read that right. Even kajal has harmful effects. Kajal produced for commercial purposes often have high amounts of lead in them which is toxic in the long run. You may get anemia and your health might get compromised.

To know more about the harmful side effects of kajal you may go through this article Kajal – a dangerous cosmetic

Kajal is helpful in many ways and so is the eyeliner. But what’s worrisome is the difference between kajal and eyeliner.

Both of them could have chemicals in them. So you must be aware of their ingredients since many eyeliners are also having kajal in them.

So it is essential for you to know the difference between kajal and eyeliner to keep yourself known about these facts.

Eyeliner Meaning

Now that we’ve known everything about kajal let’s move on to the next topic, i.e; Eyeliner Meaning.

Eyeliner was first known to be used in Egypt around 10,000 B.C. It was invented to protect the eye from the sun and the harsh desert weather conditions.

As the word itself says “Eye-Liner”, it is a line that’s drawn around the eye in the upper eyelid and lower outside eyelid region of the eye to enhance the eye appearance.

What is Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a widely used cosmetic that is famous for its aesthetic effects when applied around the eyes as precise lines.

difference between kajal and eyeliner
Credit: Photo by Aleks from Pexels

An eyeliner is used to enlarge the eye or make the eye look smaller. Various types of eyeliner styles with names are

  • Winged Shape Style
  • Dazzling Cat-Eye
  • Fox Eyeliner
  • Fish Tail
  • Smokey Eyes Style
  • Arabian Style Eyliner
  • Classic Stroke

The above are few of the type of eye styles that you could do using a classic eyeliner.

Different Types of Eyeliner

There are different types of eyeliner that are used for various applications and each has its own end result. Let’s find out what are the types of eyeliner with their names before finding the difference between kajal and eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pencil

As the name itself suggests, we use it like a pencil. Eyeliner Pencil or Eye Pencil takes less time for application as it is one of the easiest type of eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pencil is the best eyeliner for beginners as it is fairly easy to apply. It comes in a powder based formula that can be used on both the upper and lower lids.

There are different types of eyeliner pencils like retractable eye pencils, dark and light ones. The retractable eyeliner pencil doesn’t need any sharpening, unlike the nonretractable eye pencils.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is best for a clean and aesthetic look. The liquid liner comes with a very liquid consistency due to its liquid form so it can be used to create sharp edges with perfect shape and has a silky texture.

Liquid eyeliner is not best for beginners since you get it in liquid forms. If you mess up while you apply then the liquid may even go inside your eyeball which wouldn’t be so aesthetic after all, right?

Eyeliner Pen

The eyeliner pen can be used in the very inner corner of the eye as it is not a clear liquid. It comes with a kind of sketch pen tip that gives you more control so that you can create perfectly straight lines.

Graphic eyeliner looks and styles can be drawn with the use of an eyeliner pen due to its perfect tip.

Eyeliner pens cannot be used in the waterline. They are restricted only to the lash line.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner has to be used with a brush for application since it is made up of gel-based formula. This type of eyeliner has a very creamy consistency which can be useful in creating a certain type of look.

To draw precise lines, you’ll have to use pointy brushes along with the gel eyeliner. It can be used in the lashline and waterline without any mess.

In order to safeguard yourself from any bacterial growth in your eye while using the brush that’s filled with a thick coat of gel liner, you need to clean the brush after every use.

Liquid Eyeliner vs Gel Eyeliner

The main difference between liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner is that liquid eyeliners come with a liquid consistency and gel eyeliners come with a creamy consistency.

liquid eyeliner vs gel eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are known for their precise and straight lines whereas, Gel Eyeliners are known for their thicker lines.

At the end of the day, it all comes to the application and usage of both these eyeliners. Each has their own pros and cons and are suited for specific eyeliner styles.

How to Apply Eyeliner

Would you like to apply eyeliner as a beginner or want to improve the way you do your eyeliner, then this video is for you

After going through this article, if you feel that eyeliner is suitable for you in the difference between kajal and eyeliner then check out the video above.

Difference Between Kajal and Eyeliner

The difference between Kajal and Eyeliner is that Kajal is used inside the waterline of the eye whereas eyeliner is mostly used on the upper and lower eyelids. Kajal comes in a tiny container box or as a pencil whereas Eyeliner comes in varieties such as Gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, pen eyeliner, and pencil eyeliner.

difference between kajal and eyeliner
difference between kajal and eyeliner

Kajal vs Eyeliner

Kajal is known for its authentic and naturally made ingredients. Whereas eyeliner is made using chemicals.

Kajal can be made at home whereas eyeliner has to be purchased. Kajal and Eyeliner are both used to enhance the appearance of the eye. So the purpose of them remains the same but yet there is a major difference between kajal and eyeliner.

Interestingly, nowadays we also get eyeliner with kajal. I.e; a Kajal Eyeliner having kajal in them. So, kajal can be used as an eyeliner but eyeliner cannot be used as kajal because kajal is a separate product on its own. You can buy eyeliner and kajal combo cosmetic products so that you can use them on different occasions.


Both Eyeliner and Kajal have their own uses. Kajal falls under traditional eye cosmetics and eyeliner falls under modern eye cosmetics segments respectively.

Nowadays, kajal can be found in popular eyeliner brands. Kajal has a creamy texture to it which can be used to smudge. You even get a soothing feeling by wearing traditional eyeliner.

The eyeliner comes in various types and names as mentioned above which are used to attain different styles. You can also get different color of eyeliners.

You can use homemade kajal to be safe from harmful chemicals. If you want to use eyeliners for smooth texture then try to buy the ones which are dermatologically tested and can be safe to use near the eye. Make sure that you carefully take off your eye makeup when you’re done for the day. Find out more such helpful and useful articles on dolphycentral.


Can kajal be used as eyeliner

Yes, kajal can be used as eyeliner.

What is kohl

Kohl is another name for Kajal.

Difference between kajal and surma

The difference between kajal and Surma is that Surma is kind of a powder that is used to prepare kajal.

What are the benefits of wearing kajal for eyes

It is believed traditionally that wearing kajal for eyes keeps eyes cool and protects them from eye infections. For kids, it is believed that wearing kajal protects them from evil eye.

Is liquid or pencil eyeliner easier

Pencil liner is easier when compared to liquid eyeliner.

Can eyebrow pencil be used as eyeliner

It is not recommended but if you’re out of options then you may use eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner but make sure you don’t use it inside the waterline.

How to dry eyeliner fast

There’s no specific way to dry eyeliner fast but you can use gel form eyeliner for application because it tends to dry out quickly due to its creamy texture.

Which is better kajal or eyeliner?

Kajal is used in the waterline region whereas eyeliner is used in the upper and lower lid region. Both have their own purposes so it depends on your needs.

Is it safe to use kajal everyday?

If your kajal is made using organic or ayurvedic formula then you may use it everyday. If your kajal is made with chemicals then you might want to give it a break at times.

Should we remove kajal before sleeping?

Yes, definitely. You must remove kajal before sleeping as it may enter into the eyeball and stay there till you wake up which may irritate the eye. If your kajal is made using herbal ingredients then it is safe but usually, you must be removing any sort of eye makeup or makeup in general before you go to bed.

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